Monday, February 3, 2014


I visited the western-themed town of Golden, Colorado over the holidays.

Our main purpose in visiting Golden, and it's claim to fame, was to visit the Coors Brewery. We walked over to the brewery and there was a sign to go a block over to the parking lot. You are picked up in shuttle buses to take you to and from the brewery. There was quite a line and when the next shuttle bus came we were told that you were not allowed to bring purses - only wallets and you needed your ID no matter your age. Since our car was in town, my son ran to get it so we could put our purses inside and then we had to wait for another shuttle bus.

Upon arriving at the brewery they took a goofy picture of us with beer case cartons on our head (for purchase later) and then checked our ID's. We were told it would be a 45 minute wait. I wasn't very happy! None of the information about what you could bring - or wait times was posted anywhere. I guess Coors assumes that everyone has a smart phone to look it up. So we were there - so we waited.

The tour itself was actually very interesting and our tour guide was great. When it was over you could belly up to the bar and sample 5 different types of Coors beer (if you are of age) and they also had soda samples.

After the brewery tour we walked the cute town

And on to Woody's Wood Fired Pizza for pizza and salad buffet. It appears that Woody's is THE place to eat in Golden and it didn't disappoint. I loved it - try the buffalo chicken pizza - it's delish!

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