Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord

It seems that the majority of people who travel to Alaska do so by cruise ship. But when my good friend, Jo, came up with the idea of traveling around Alaska by the ferry system, I thought it was brilliant. More details on our trip to come but for now I'm going to highlight one of our day trips to Tracy Arm Fjord. We spent an entire day on the Captain Cook, run by Adventure Bound Alaska. The rate is $160 per person ($95 per child over 5) for a day trip that leaves at 8:30am and returns to the dock by 6pm. The cabin of the boat is heated or you can sit outside for the whole trip if you would like. You may bring your own food or there is food available on board for purchase.  Take a gander at the beauty of the fjord -

Caribbean turquoise water

Getting up close to a waterfall

2 Seals

An iceberg in the fjord

More seals

The glacier calving
The only bear we saw in Alaska      
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  1. Awesome photos from your Alaska trip! The ferry boat ride sounds neat.. LOVE the cute seals and the bear.. Thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy weekend!

  2. Great photos! They make me want to try this ferry out when I finally make it over to Alaska some day.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments! The ferry really is a great way to go in Alaska - and I plan a future post with all the details.

  4. I am dying to see icebergs. Somehow we keep missing our chance! Thank you so much for linking up to Friday Postcards this week! - walking on travels

  5. I hope you get your chance - I was amazed at how incredibly blue they were! And the captain of the boat said we were lucky it was overcast so that made them appear more blue.