Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maine - The Way Life Should Be

Last summer friends of ours rented a cabin on a lake in Maine and invited us to go along.
The cabin was in Windsor, Maine on Three Mile Pond

We did some dock sitting -

Some kayaking -

Some brewery visiting -

Three Tides and Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. in Belfast, Maine

Some coastal walking, more brewery hopping, and lobsta eating

Oxbow Brewery in Newcastle, Maine

Lobster Bake at Hideaway Diner

We even did a little shopping -

They really did have all 3 of those items - including a whole bridal department

We took a day trip to Moosehead Lake and enjoyed eating outdoors on the lake -

Moosehead Lake

The Black Frog on Moosehead Lake

Maine is one of my favorite places. And Maine with good friends makes for a perfect vacation!


  1. Wow, my husband is itching to go to Maine. Looks beautiful!

    1. Definitely try to get there if you can! I've been several times and it always ranks as one of my favorite places.

  2. I really enjoyed our vacation in Maine a few years ago. It was so relaxing, and your photos brought back that feeling. Looks like you had a good time, too. I especially like the hue of that last picture.

    1. Thanks Michele! That last picture is one of my all time favorites - during a short rain and with no filter.