Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Other Cape

Most Americans have heard of Cape Cod, the elbow shaped peninsula off the coast of Massachusetts. But ,unless you're from the Northeast, you probably haven't heard of The Other Cape, Cape Ann. Cape Ann lies along the northern coast of Massachusetts and consists of the towns of  Manchester-by-the-Sea, Gloucester and Rockport. Manchester-by-the-Sea is an adorable little town with cafes next to yoga studios and bucolic churches along the waterfront. Driving to Gloucester you pass beautiful homes along the water and boats tied up in bays. Gloucester is a working class town without all the touristy fan fare of it's neighbor, Rockport. In 1991 a storm hit Cape Ann which was the inspiration for the movie and book, The Perfect Storm. Most of the spotlight of Cape Ann hits touristy little Rockport which was where the movie The Proposal , starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock,  was filmed a few years ago. The area of Bearskin Neck was the stand-in for Sitka, Alaska. Before that it's claim to fame was Motif #1, a fishing shack known as the "most often painted building in America." If you want to see rocky coasts, fishing boats, and small town northeastern America, then Cape Ann is where you want to go.

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