Friday, August 29, 2014

Wisconsin's North Woods

If you are lucky, you have friends who live in a beautiful house on a lake in Wisconsin's North Woods. And if you're lucky enough, they invite you to come visit for a weekend.

And they take you on a tour of  their lakes - yes, lakes as they live on a "chain of lakes". And it's a gorgeous summer day with blue skies and few boats out. And you feel like Lewis and Clark exploring.

And they take you for your first ever visit to a real "North Woods Wisconsin Bar". And you try a Brandy Old-Fashioned because that's what you have in a real North Woods Wisconsin Bar. And fried cheese curds. Yes, you read that right. Fried cheese curds.

And they feed you all weekend. And serve you Bloody Mary's with cheese sticks in them. Because well this is Wisconsin, the cheese state. And you swim in the lake. And watch a pretty sunset. And enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin's North Woods.

Thanks Tony and Nancy! It was a blast!

For those of you who follow The Unpaved Road on Facebook, (and if you don't , why aren't you?) then you'll know that I visited my 50th State this summer before my 51st birthday so it's a done deal!! Obviously, since this post highlights Wisconsin, it's a done deal but here is pictorial proof

And once again, I am linking up with Go check out Keryn's great photos of Multonomah Falls in Oregon!


  1. hi jill, thanks for visiting my blog...i couldn't find your e-mail and you are a no reply blogger but i wanted to leave you a message.

    my husband came home last night thinking it was thursday and football! he was so disappointed to realize it was wednesday night! we'll be watching the game tonight...would you mind giving me your email so i can reply to you in the future? thanks! (

  2. Congrats on the 50th state! That's an accomplishment indeed. I am intrigued by fried cheese curds. I bet they're really good. My childhood friend used to go to "the lake in Wisconsin" every summer when we were growing up. If this is what the area look like, no wonder she always talked about it. So pretty!