Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Well, once again another month has blown by! We're wrapping up October 2015 so let's get started!


October was a month of weekend trips for me - three out of five to be exact. I flew to Boston to visit my daughter and we went up to New Hampshire's White Mountains, which I wrote about on the blog here. I also flew on Allegiant Airlines to visit my in-laws in Florida. And spent a fun weekend in Elkin, North Carolina with friends in a log cabin visiting wineries and Stone Mountain State Park. Lots of fun - but now I am enjoying some down time at home.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of my favorite food for the month. My daughter and I ate at The Common Man restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire and I really enjoyed my meal. They have a cheese, crackers and dip bar to start instead of a salad bar. Then each meal comes with steamed veggies and to finish you get white chocolate squares. And the restaurant looks like an old New England style house. Since I don't have any photos of that meal, here is a fill-in of Mr. UR's pulled pork tacos from The Blind Tiger in Charleston, South Carolina. It'll just have to do!


I read alot of magazines and blog posts this month but only finished two real books - In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume and Country Chronicle by Gladys Taber. I loved Judy Blume's book and I highly recommend it. It took her years to write it and it's based on a true story that she experienced as a teenager in the 1950's. Gladys Taber was primarily a nature writer who wrote non-fiction stories about her farm in New England and her house on Cape Cod. She has a very calm and simple style which I have always liked.

So there you have it - October! Hope you had a great month and are ready for November!


  1. Not a bad round-up for October, Jill. I love week-end travels. They may be short, but they recharge your batteries.

    1. I so agree - and if you throw in visiting with good friends then it's definitely a fun weekend! Thanks for reading!