Thursday, January 9, 2014

Denver Christmas Market

A wish of mine has been to go to a European Christmas Market.  I haven't been able to fulfill that wish but I did finally get to my first Christmas market here in the USA. The downtown Denver Christmas market is a small, but very quaint, market with booths selling hot pretzels, Christmas ornaments, homemade winter remedies (skin creams and cold remedies) and several different meats roasting on a spit.

My favorite part of the market was the beer tent. It was a tent of picnic tables where they sold beer and  gluhwein - which means glow wine, a delicious mulled wine served hot and very fruity.

Across the street from the Christmas Market is an adorable little outdoor skating rink with the bargain price of FREE. It does cost $2 to rent skates. There are a few heaters by some seats for spectators and cones for first timers to learn to balance with.

And the perfect ending to our Christmas Market and ice skating experience - it started to snow!

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