Friday, January 24, 2014

A most magical day

A few years back the Mr. and I received a coffee table book of 100 Beautiful Places to See around the world. Both of us saw the picture of the Na Pali Coast off the island of Kaui in the Hawaiian Islands and said "Thats where I want to go!" So we started saving - money, hotel points, and airline points. Anything that would get us to Kauai for our 25th Anniversary, which was still 2 years away. And you can see from these pictures that we made it!

We booked a day sailing with Captain Andy's on a catamaran and it was one of the most magical days ever. We took off from Port Allen in the morning and part of our trip included a continental breakfast. Croissants and fresh fruit while we sailed along the coast. Then it was a stop for snorkeling. The waves were rough and the captain said it was the first snorkeling stop they had been able to do in a month due to rough seas.  Then a call on a conch shell and it was all aboard to see the Na Pali Coast.

We were able to see a few whale tails and splashes. And the very cool spinner dolphins, who as the name implies, spin like torpedoes through the water. Fast. Like lightning fast.
A lunch of cold cuts, more fruit and cookies came next. And a slow sail up the coast to view the magnificent Na Pali cliffs.
There are only 3 ways to view the cliffs - by water, by air or an 11 mile hike along the Kalalau Trail.
I loved the way we chose to see it - and would do it again in a heartbeat. One of my favorite days on this planet!

*Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures offers either an AM sail with breakfast and lunch or an afternoon sail with a hot buffet dinner and sunset at sea . They also offer a 2 hour sunset sail. And if you would rather, they do the Na Pali Coast by motorized rubber raft that are able to go into sea caves. Not for those who are pregnant or have health issues.

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  1. Hawaii is a dream of mine too! Will definitely book mark this if my son gets stationed there this year. Thanks!