Saturday, January 18, 2014

The most beautiful ride you've never heard of

La Vuelta is a 3 day, 375 mile bike ride around the island of Puerto Rico. It is a none competitive ride where you can actually experience a ride as a pro while riding with a pelaton. The ride goes through every one of the 42 coastal towns on the island so you can imagine the gorgeous scenery!

I was able to attend and watch La Vuelta in 2013 including the fantastic finish in Old San Juan.

We started on the last morning by watching the most grueling part of the race known as La Pared, or The Wall.

As you can see by the climb, it earns it's name! Then it was a pit stop in the charming town of Isabella, where older gentlemen were playing dominoes in the town square, undisturbed by all the hoopla of the ride going on.

We followed the riders through another pit stop along the ocean, and sat to eat with them at a cute oceanfront cafe. Then it was on to San Juan for the Big Finish. The riders have a police escort and all 600 of them ride into Old San Juan wearing the official La Vuelta bicycle jersey and raising their hands in victory. It's a very exciting ending and lots of celebrating between spectators and riders.

Every rider receives a medal. There is a casual dinner afterwards at the finish line. And last but not least, the riders can head home and begin training and dreaming for next year.

Congratulations Steve and Larry!

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