Tuesday, February 25, 2014


When my kids were little I was a member of a mom's group. I became friends with one of the other mom's whose kids were the same age as mine. Susan was a bubbly, outgoing, fun friend. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 27, we all thought she would beat it. We rallied around her and provided meals and child care while she fought.
She fought a good fight. But it wasn't enough.  Her memorial service was one of the saddest things I have ever experienced. And if I already wasn't obsessed with squeezing every last drop of life out of  every day, then I certainly was now. I became driven to travel as much as my time and budget would allow. I needed to see it all NOW.
Reviewing all the places I've been on this blog isn't for bragging - "Oh, look what I've seen". It's more of a personal travel diary - and recapping trips is enjoyable for me. I also enjoy hearing about other people's travels. I always say that I am the best person to show all your travel photos to. But the main thing I would like to do here is inspire. Inspire you to travel. It doesn't have to be an around the world trip, somewhere that's a 10 hour flight away or even a flight. It can be close to home and somewhere you've been before. Just do it. Eat out of your cooler if fancy meals aren't in your budget. Go tent camping if that's your thing. Just do it.
Your know all those things you've wanted to do. You should go do them.

And the pictures are here just because ....well, a travel blog should always have pictures.

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