Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a unique city - canals, more bicycles than I've ever seen, cheese, the red light district, cool art galleries, and did I mention the canals?

Our weekend in Amsterdam began at Amsterdam's Centraal Train Station. The first stop would need to be lunch. A dutch pancake sounded great - mine was apple and my daughter's was blueberry.

We purchased our tickets for a canal boat ride which was one of the highlights of the weekend for me.  The ride lasted for about an hour, even cutting through ice as we cruised the canals of the city. Seeing the architecture and houseboats of Amsterdam was just a dream come true.

Most of the world has heard of Anne Frank and her diary. When I was younger and read her book, it made quite an impact on a young girl who lived in Midwestern suburbia. If anyone had told me when I was younger that I would someday see the hiding place in person, I would never have believed it.
Our half hour wait was cold and windy but worth it.  Unbelievable. Extremely moving.  Many words come to mind but all I can say is if you get a chance to go visit the Anne Frank house, do it.

After spending the night in the suburb of Hoofdoorp (I love that name!), we arrived to snow in the city the next morning.  Today we wanted to get outside of the city so we purchased tickets for a hop-on/hop-off double decker bus tour. Our first stop was Vogel Park which is like Amsterdam's Central Park. We walked to the IAmsterdam sign and took a few pictures and watched some ice skaters at the outdoor rink.

The Riksmuseum and The Van Gogh Musuem are also here outside of the city. It was time for the bus back and dinner at Bloom cafe in the city before our very quick weekend in Amsterdam was over.

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