Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Colorado Christmas

My son moved to Colorado last year in the fall. Getting vacation time with a new job after a few months is pretty hard to come by, so we decided to drive - yes, drive - from South Carolina to Denver for the Christmas holidays. We enjoyed staying in a hotel for a few days but we didn't really want to be in a hotel for Christmas day. So we rented a cabin in Estes Park - Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park - about an hour and a half north of Denver.

For those of us who usually don't have a White Christmas, the chance of staying in a Rocky Mountain cabin for Christmas with Snow was very appealing. 

Our cabin required a two night rental and was a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit with a full kitchen, patio, master tub with jets, fireplace, tv, dvd player, and a washer and dryer. For more info, go here

We arrived on Christmas Eve Day and decided to drop off our luggage and head into town to get our Christmas food. Estes Park in winter is quite different than the hubbub of summer. We weren't the only people out, but there were only a handful.

Unfortunately, if you wait to go to the only grocery store in a small town on Christmas Eve Day, the pickings are slim. We arrived to no turkeys or hams - so tacos for Christmas dinner it was! Unconventional, but memorable!

Our son's girlfriend generously donated her Christmas tree (and all its ornaments) for us to enjoy in the cabin - thank goodness or we would not have had a tree! (Notice all the gift bags - I brought all the ones I had since they were easier to transport than rolls of wrapping paper!)

It was a very cozy Christmas! Lots of lounging, tacos for dinner, easy gift wrapping and lots of Christmas movies while the snow fell outside. One of my favorites of all time!

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