Friday, February 6, 2015

Boston's North End

On my visit to Boston, I found my new favorite area of the city - the North End. Delightfully retro and small in area, the North End is home to the city's Italian population.

You can visit Paul Revere's house and The Old North church but we didn't on our afternoon visit. We were there for a birthday celebration. But we did see a bride on her wedding day.

We had a birthday dinner at one of the quaint, open-air Italian restaurants on a quiet side street. Delicious pasta and chocolate birthday cake for dessert.

The North End is home to many religious feasts and progressions, the largest of which is the Fisherman's Feast held at the beginning of August. Most are carried out exactly like they were in the old country of Italy and brought over by it's  immigrants.

One of the other major claims to fame of The North End are the pastry shops. Mike's and Modern to be exact. On opposite sides of the street, with long lines all day long, Mike's and Modern do battle to be your favorite cannoli bakers. Also serving cakes, biscotti, gelato, and cookies. Everyone seems to have their favorite.

A return trip is necessary again as being full from pasta and birthday cake I didn't wait in any lines - at Mike's or at Modern Pastry. The cannoli will have to wait for another day. And I'll gladly return to my new favorite area of Boston - The North End.

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  1. You can never go wrong in the Italian neighborhood of any city! Looks like Boston's is a testament to that.