Saturday, February 28, 2015


Update time - or monthly recap - or whatever I'm calling it. It's time to review the month of February!

Travel -
I just got back from one of the biggest trips I've ever been on. I went to Tokyo. My first time to Tokyo, my first time to Japan and my first time to Asia. It was a wild ride starting with my flight from Atlanta, which was supposed to take 14 hours already, being delayed by 8 hours. They held us at the gate for 4 hours due to a mechanical problem. Then when it was fixed they had us de-plane because the crew would've been over their alloted time frame for working. So then they had to call in a new crew which took 2 hours. And we were supposed to leave at 11am and arrive at Narita at 3:30pm. Instead we left Atlanta at 7pm and arrived at Narita at 10pm. I was never so happy to see anyone in my life as the little Japanese driver who was waiting on me at the airport to take me into Tokyo! Whew! 


I don't eat out alot unless I'm traveling. And I tend to get into a cooking rut and make the same foods over and over. But my mom was visiting this month so I made meatloaf, which is one of her and my  favorites ( and not particularly Mr. Ur's) I have to say it turned out so good that it ranks as one of my favorite meals for the month. 
Of course, there was lots of food in Japan. I'm not a seafood lover but I did try sushi. It was pretty good. And there was yakatori, pizza, and crepes in Harajaku. My favorite, though was soba - which are homemade buckwheat noodles in broth. Delicious.

Yakitori - skewers of grilled meat

You can bet they'll be much more on the blog about eating in Japan!

Read -

I managed to read 4 books this month, aided by the long travel time to and from Japan.
I read:
Paris in Love by Eloisa James which are short snippets of Facebook and Twitter postings from the year she lived in Paris with her husband and two children. A very quick and easy read.
The Return by Victoria Hislop. This is a fiction book about a family living in Granada, Spain during the Spanish Civil War.
The Lady by the River. A historical novel by the famous Phillipa Gregory. I believe I've read almost all of her books.
Missing You by Harlan Coben. One of this prolific mystery writers newest books, I couldn't put this one down until I found out whodunit.

So an improvement on getting more reading done and less computer time. All in real books with real pages. Don't own a Kindle or Nook or any kind of e-reader yet though I feel in the minority. Still like those real books.

So there you have it. February in a nutshell. A pretty good month of traveling, eating and reading. 
How about you? How was your February? Did you eat some good food? Go somewhere? or just spend alot of time by the fire reading?

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