Thursday, April 30, 2015


Time just keeps flying and it's time I wrap up another month! So here's April:

I traveled to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this month with  my sister. She hadn't been on a vacation in a good long while ( a couple years - I would never make it!) so I told her to pick anywhere she wanted to go and I would go with her. She didn't want to go too far and she's a mountain girl so she picked Pigeon Forge. We went to Dollywood, rode the Smokey Mountain Wheel ferris wheel, ate at Margaritaville, went to the outlet malls and to the ginormous Christmas store there (her favorite) It happened to be Rod Run weekend. Ever heard of it? It's when people drive their old cars and hot rods to Pigeon Forge and line the entire strip with them. Then everyone either walks or drives up and down the strip to look at the cars. Never again! It took us 2 hours to drive 5 miles back to the hotel from dinner! But ladies, if you like guys who like cars I think it was about 5 to 1 men to women that weekend.

I can't think of anything that I ate that really made a huge impression on me. I guess I'll go with the nachos at Dollywood. They were handmaking the nachos right at the stand and all the ingredients tasted really fresh. Pretty good. Oh, and I tasted moonshine. Ole Smokey Mountain Moonshine has a tasting room in the thick of the new touristy area called The Island - and it's free tasting. They give you about a thimble full of any flavor you want. My favorite was cinnamon but the peach and pineapple were also very good.

I missed my goal of 4 books this month but I did manage to read 3. A friend loaned me "Before I Met You" by Lisa Jewell which I enjoyed. It was a flashback kinda story that takes place in London and the English island of Guernsey. I also read "Big Little Lies" by Liane Moriarty which was quite though provoking. It deals with the issue of domestic violence. I'm not sure I enjoyed it per se but it really made you think. And last but not least is "The Vacationers" by Emma Straub which I did enjoy. It takes place on the island of Mallorca in Spain about a family vacationing and it's told from all their viewpoints.

So now we're on to May already! Big vacation coming up for me and Mr. UR visiting our oldest and attending a wedding. More details to come.....


  1. I didn't know there were different kinds of moonshine from that company- now I'll be on the lookout. Nachos are always memorable when made well. I had some delicious buffalo chicken ones on Saturday!

    1. Gonna have to try the buffalo chicken nachos now!