Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Whoosh! And just like that September is history. Another month in the books.....Here's a quick update on my month.

Travel this month was to the Brunswick Islands of North Carolina, Southport and Wilmington. (New blog post up about this trip) I had never been to this area except for Wilmington so it was a new place to visit for me. I loved Southport and the beaches. The whole area has a laid-back, small town feel. People were very friendly and the weather was perfect. Granted, it was shoulder seasons so the crowds were fewer and the locals were probably more receptive to the few tourists that were there. Anyways, if you get a chance, go visit - you'll be glad you did!

A September sunset in Southport

I'm not a big seafood lover but I heard that all the seafood in Southport was fantastic. My favorite eats for the month was the fried pickles I had at The Blind Tiger in Charleston. A cool, little locals pub, they have some great nighly specials. We were there on a weekday and Mr. UR got the special - pulled pork tacos - but being a fried pickles aficionado, I decided that would have to be our appetizer.Our server said that they have the best fried pickles in Charleston - and yep, I'm a believer!

I read three books this month - well, actually I attempted to read three books but read only two. I am a big John Grisham fan and I finally got my hands on a copy of Gray Mountain, which I loved. I love the new heroine  - and the storyline also. I also read Liane Moriarty's The Husband's Secret. Also a winner in my book. A real page turner for me. And I attempted to read Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. It's gotten rave reviews so I'm not quite sure what happened but I just couldn't get into this book. Sometimes that happens. I felt way too old for this book - or it was too young for me. Either way - life is too short to struggle reading a book you just can' get into!

Hope y'all had a great month of September and here's to October!


  1. North Carolina is great! That purple sky is wonderful and the food is wonderful...

    1. Thanks for visiting - and yep, North Carolina is great!