Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Birthday Dinner in Savannah

My youngest daughter's birthday is in August. Her sister was going to be home visiting so we planned a celebration day in Savannah which included eating and drinking. As one does. 

The birthday girl picked her birthday dinner spot. She's a big fan of Asian food and she decided to go with that rather than the southern fare of which Savannah is known. She chose Co. Described as a place with "Pan-Asian fare with a focus on classic Vietnamese dishes offered in contemporary digs with a bar." Sounds good, right? And it was. 

In Vietnamese, Co means feast. And that's what we did. Known for their craft cocktails, my older daughter ordered an elderflower spritz - elderflower liqueur, champagne and muddled nectarine which was delicious. (Mom got a taste also) The birthday girl went with a matcha green tea boba tea (Mom wasn't a fan) And both girls went with the sushi for dinner while I went with the korean short rib bahn mi which was out of this world fantastic.

Though we were sufficiently stuffed, a birthday girl needs a birthday dessert. So we headed over to Lulu's Chocolate Bar. What a find.

Housed in a brick storefront a few blocks from Co, Lulu's Chocolate Bar is a dessert restaurant which also includes a full bar. Voted best desserts in Savannah for eight years running, all desserts are made from scratch. What a difficult choice! The birthday girl had chocolate covered strawberries, I went with a Savannah choice of pecan praline pie and the girls had a salted caramel martini and the berry martini. We all agreed that as decadent as the desserts were, maybe just a drink OR dessert would do as the both were a bit too much.

The next stop on the birthday tour was the Bohemian Hotel and it's Rocks on the River rooftop bar. Though the drinks are quite pricey, you are really paying for that spectacular view. Overlooking the Savannah River and the bridge to South Carolina, Rocks view at sunset and in the evening is quite awesome. 

All good things must come to an end and birthdays are no different. The girls and I split ways here - I walked back to the hotel and they went out to some recommended spots for a birthday girl to celebrate at. After all, you have til midnight!

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  1. Your daughter has tastes like my husband. He loves Asian food too. I can see him going to a place like Co. and devouring all the sushi on the menu. The dessert shop looks fantastic too. I am supposing nobody spends time hungry in Savannah. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. Lol Ruth you're right - I don't think any one goes hungry in Savannah!

  2. This would be my type of birthday celebration. The food looks delicious and oh my on the desserts! I'd be in chocolate heaven. I have heard such wonderful things about Savannah and can't wait to visit one day soon.

    1. It's a very fun, very Southern city Mary - hope you make it there someday! Thanks for visiting The Unpaved Road!