Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hello from Oregon!

I'm traveling the stunning state of Oregon right now. Mr UR and I, along with his best friend and wife, rented an RV and have covered the coast, Crater Lake National Park and are on our way to Bend. We started planning this trip last June in anticipation of his friend's retirement after teaching middle school for 33 years - as they say in the south, Bless His Heart.
We have stops in Hood River, the Columbia River Gorge and Willamette Valley Wine Country still to go. So they'll be more to come up that soon. 

We spent yesterday at Crater Lake National Park - which is still digging out from record snow. There was only one entrance to the park open so our travel plans changed a bit. But we made it happen - and this is a peek of what we saw.

Life update - 
After spending every free minute over the last few months and lots of hard work, we finally listed our house up for sale the day before we left for Oregon. Not ideal in trying to button everything up for a trip and take care of last minute details on a house listing, but it's done. 

We still have a few trips coming up this summer - mostly to see our kids - and a wedding in Ohio. Along with that I've had 3 friends contact me in the last week that they will be in our area over the next month so we're going to be thumping and jumping. And hopefully every thing will calm a bit this fall with just some weekend trips here and there. It's either feast or famine with us but I love every minute. 

If anyone has any Oregon tips of where we have to go, please post them in the comments. And we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

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